Project Management

Paving Consultant

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Project Management

Condition Assessments and Reports

We specialize in Project Management and Quality Assurance services for homeowner associations and property managers. We assist you in successfully managing your maintenance, repair, and reconstruction programs. 

It all starts with our Condition Assessment Reports which offer comprehensive insight into the condition and life expectancy of the property's roads, structures, and facilities. The written report includes long-term cost projections so you can accurately plan and build reserves for each program.

Project Planning and Implementation

With our Project Management, Paving Consultant, and Security Consulting services, we help you develop a comprehensive scope of work and specifications, including a clear plan of action for project planning and implementation. The specifications are also issued to bidding contractors as requests for proposals to ensure you receive apples-to-apples quotes.

Throughout the bidding process, we work closely with the participating contractors to define the quantitative and qualitative requirements for the successful completion of the work.

Quality Assurance

As an integral part of ProConsult's Project Management Plan, we hold preconstruction meetings with the selected contractor to review job site conditions, the approved project specifications, and the policies and procedures required for the successful completion of the work.

Throughout the completion of the scope of work, the ProConsult Project Management Consultant performs intermediate quality assurance inspections and testing to confirm adherence to the approved specifications, contracts, and change orders.

As the leading experts in Phoenix, Arizona, we ensure that your projects are completed on schedule and to the highest possible standards. We have the experienced team to help you get the job done right.